Belgrade for Free

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  1. alex

    I just want to tell you a couple of thing. First, it’s not 90% of people not paying the bus ticket. Most of people have monthly tickets which they do not have to check. Second, what the problem with the winter is: in that period most of the buses are overcrowded so the conductor literally can’t come into the bus, not to mention that moving through the bus while checking tickets is impossible. That’s also the main reason why people can’t enter only through the front door and exit on others, also driver just can’t control that much people who just won’t respect that rule.
    Greetings all the best, just i think u’re not very familiar with public transport here, and/or u’re thinking about it a bit superficially.

  2. Pera

    And most important thing that irritates people is that money doesn’t go to bus companies! That is maybe main reason that people don’t pay tickets.

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